Planters Resources has a variety of resources to help you become the gardener you've always wanted to be. Marianne Binetti has answered thousand questions and she'll be happy to answer yours. The Video Gallery has more than 100 instructional videos and our bloggers have written on subjects ranging from herbs to pests and from roses to veggies. We are also pleased to provide links to hundreds of reprinted articles from prestigious sources like Horticulture magazine and If you are looking for one-stop gardening knowledge, you've come to the right place.

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Planting Perennials in ...
Fall is a great time to add perennials to garden beds and borders. Learn wh...
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Winter Gardening: How t...
Winter gardening may be a cheerless time for many gardeners, but don't let ...
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What's Causing Tomato L...
Amy Grisak discusses different factors that may cause your tomato leaves to...

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The Indoor and Outdoor Osmocote formula has a pink cap and label. This formula is recommended for container gardening.
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Ornamental cedars (pyramid type) have gotten away from us and up to roof. Is there anyway they can be pruned and keep some shape (preferably by ourselves)? I've asked a couple of places that didn't want to tackle them.
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Primary nutrients, nitrogen,
phosphorous and potassium, are
usually lacking from soil because
plants use large amounts for their
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