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Welcome to PlantersPlace, where gardeners and wannabe gardeners learn how-to garden and how-to garden better. What is PlantersPlace? It’s a digital gardening library where content is served in a variety of formats (blogs, videos, podcasts, magazine reprints). That's so you can choose what works best for you.

Some of the site’s key gardening resources include:

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Professional gardener and author, Marianne Binetti, answers user-submitted gardening questions. It’s possible — maybe even likely — that’s she’s already answered a question similar to one of yours (that’s because so far she’s handled more than 3,000 inquiries!). Search for previous questions or ask your own!

Gardening Blogs

The blogs are themed around gardening categories such as Container Gardening, Perennial Gardening, Controlling Gardening Pests, Rose Gardening, and Vegetable Gardening. The bloggers are gardening experts with a flair for writing about their passion in an interesting way. Read the gardening blogs!

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PlantersPlace has nearly 200 how-to videos on a variety of gardening subjects. More are being added all the time. Many can be viewed in 5 minutes or less. Be sure to bookmark your favorites! View the gardening videos!

Gardening Podcasts

Many of the blogs have been recorded by their authors in audio format. For convenience, we suggest downloading your favorites to your smart phone, and then listen when and where it is convenient to do so – such as out in the garden! Listen to the gardening podcasts!

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You discussed raspberries today in the TNT article which prompted my two questions: 1. When the raspberries start to die back because they are done producing, do you water less or continue water the same amount. A follow-on question - do raspberries like a lot of water or will they tolerate some dry soil. 2. One of our rows of raspberries, is a very old variety we have been told - as it was grown by the original owners of our property in the 1940s. We believe it is called a Cuthbert. Do you know of any garden locally in the Puget Sound region that has this variety? Thank you. View Answer