Wildlife Gardening Journal with Leslie Miller

Leslie Ann Miller share 3.5 acres in rural Oklahoma with birds, butterflies and wide variety of animals. She is currently transforming her yard with plantings to benefit wildlife.

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A new appreciation for moths

My dog loves the moths in my yard. Specifically, she loves to eat them. We discovered this because my dog...

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giant swallowtail on rue
Rue and Bronze Fennel for Swallowtails

In the past two weeks, I’ve caught two female giant swallowtails laying eggs on my...


How I grew lettuce for me, instead of my rabbits

I don’t have a lot of experience in successful vegetable gardening. What experience I do...


Five native vines that benefit wildlife

One of the most appealing aspects of gardening, to me, is the ability to create...


Plant profile: Mistflower

It has been a wet winter here, and I now have more than enough information...


Meet our common pollinators

In my last blog, I mentioned the importance of pollinators, and I provided several pollinator-related...


Planting for pollinators

My garden is teasing spring, so it’s time to start thinking about how to help...


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