Product Review: The Original Metal Garden Hose

Being a member of three different community gardens, obtaining quality tools that will be shared between disparate folks is important. Everyone has their own preferences, when everyone agrees that tools should hold up to average and extended use. From shovels to trowels, buckets to hoses, garden tools have to work.

And I’m sure you expect no less in from your own garden tools.

Garden hoses are a particular point of contention because it appears there are as many ways to wind up/store a hose as there are people using it. Add up improper storage, heavy use, extremes in heat and cold and you’ve got a recipe for a short-lived garden hose. Buy a cheapy garden hose and it may not even last the season. And if you have an active driveway or a lawnmower, kiss that hose goodbye.

I received a free sample of The Original Metal Garden Hose to try out. Honestly, I didn’t expect much because of its “As Seen on TV” stamp on the side of the package. Well, that shows me not to judge a book by its cover—or a hose by its packaging. The hose works wonderfully. Here’s what my fellow community gardens and I like about it:

It moves easily. The Metal Garden Hose moves across the ground with snake-like motion. Maybe that is due to the stainless steel construction and the “Spiroshield” technology. It moves back to front, side to side and may even spiral around itself with ease. Wind it up with ease onto a hose rack and it uncoils without effort.

It doesn’t kink and is tangle free. Must be that Spiroshield technology.

It’s durable. Chalk that up to the 18-gauge, 304 stainless steel. Apparently you can take an industrial grinder to it and the hose won’t suffer a bit. More likely a lawnmower would run over it than a grinder, and I imagine the hose would be fine. It won’t puncture, either—a result of both its steel construction and the fact that it doesn’t kink. So the dog can chew all he wants (although yuck, don’t let him).

It’s lightweight. Just three pounds! I have a very durable rubber hose at home, but it weighs a ton.

Rust and corrosion resistant. Or so they say. I’ll be the judge of that at the end of the gardening season.

I just came back from watering the garden and, it being the first warm day since beginning to use the Metal Garden Hose, the hose did feel warm to the touch. Warm, not hot. I’m reading the press release that came along with the product and it says the stainless steel “not only resists the sun’s UV rays but also reflects its harmful effects and stays cool to the touch …” It’ll be 90F so, and again, if the hose gets hot I will report back.

The “fireman’s nozzle” that came along with the hose as a “bonus”—well, I didn’t like the weak construction and operation of it and am choosing not to use it. It’s not about the nozzle after all. Go buy a nozzle that’ll work well for you.

Would I recommend The Original Metal Garden Hose? Yes, for sure.

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