Sorry for the inconvenience!

A new PlantersPlace is under construction. New content, membership, etc. is temporarily suspended.

PlantersPlace has been creating content for almost a dozen years. Fact is, the site has outgrown the quantity of the information and way it is presented. The new site, two years in the making, will go ”live” Monday, July 31, 2017. It will be structured around major themes such as Container Gardening, Edible Gardening, Flower Gardening and Gardening Basics. It will also be compatible with mobile devices (can you believe the iPhone is 10 years old?). In the meantime, we must ‘freeze’ the current content so it can be migrated to the new site. That’s why we can’t accept your photos, Q’s, and product reviews right now. The new site will have all your old favorites such as the photo gallery, gardening videos, all the blogs, featured articles, and podcasts. Of course, Marianne Binetti will still be available to answer your questions. Importantly, your user name and password and photos, as well as any current PlantersPlace bookmarks that you have, will continue to work at the new site.

Mark your calendar and come visit the new site on July 31st.

Bob Stohler, Manager,
July 16, 2017