2017 New Years’ Resolution

2017…”New Year – New You“. It’s a good time to look back on the last growing season and, of course, look forward to Spring. As far as resolutions go, I have actually made one resolution: No more new flower beds this growing season. Wonderful Husband is relieved but skeptical…I’m not sure he believes me.

So, looking back, what did I accomplish in 2016? I got to start writing this blog, which has been a lot of fun. What else? Three small new flower beds – one for shade loving ferns and the second, quite by accident became a yellow and orange bed with Black-eyed Susan and orange butterfly weed. I’d never actually tried for color coordinated beds before, so I’m excited about it and will try to keep it color coordinated.

The third bed is about two-thirds sun and one-third shade with new and heirloom iris, liatris, an American wisteria vine and alliums.

And…what did I learn in 2016?

(1) That I’ll never accomplish everything on my “To-Do” list.

(2) That the weather will not cooperate.

Note: I have to re-learn (1) and (2) every year.

(3) That “Little Henry” Itea and an unidentified anemone were so happy where I’d planted them that they threatened to take over. I’ll be transplanting those plants, plus the baby volunteers to different locations early this spring. (Add to “To-Do” list).

(4) That the “Snow Queen” hydrangeas in the front sidewalk bed will grow too large and need to be transplanted. I’ll try to get some “Ruby Slippers” hydrangeas to replace them. (Two more for the “To-Do” list).

Looking ahead to Spring, what else is on the “To-Do” list?

Use a pre-emergent herbicide – billions and billions of baby sweet gum and tulip trees sprout everywhere every spring. Rather than pay a chiropractor to straighten my back, I’ll try a pre-emergent to reduce my workload.

Use a nice fertilizer (like Osmocote, for example) for greener, happier plants. After all, I can’t expect them to bloom if they are hungry!

I’ve ordered two Asian pear trees already, so those will need planted when they arrive. Of course, Wonderful Husband wants them in one place and I want them in another. Stay tuned for the final decision.

There are still two beds which we created the very first Spring we lived in the house, before we took the Master Gardener class. They really need re-done and we learned so much during that class, we’ll do a much better job this time. So we’ll (1) pull out the plants; (2) dig out the soil (aka dirt); (3) replace with decent soil, compost and peat; (4) till; (5) replant; (6) mulch.

Please refer to #1 in “What did I learn in 2016?” I’ll let you know how much we actually got accomplished later on this year! Stay warm, Green Friends!

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