Marianne's Response

Does Coconut Fiber Provide Nutrition?

When using coconut fiber in a houseplant soil mix, does the amount of Osmocote need to be adjusted? I’m not yet sure how much coconut fiber to use or what to mix it with. I have a Zz plant, Peperomia, Fiddleleaf Fig, and Chinese Evergreen that all need to be repotted.

How would I adjust both the mix and the amount of Osmocote?

Posted by Tammy Moreno on February 11, 2019

Marianne's Response

Coconut fiber has very few nutrients -- it is not a fertilizer. However, it does upgrade the quality of the soil in most instances, and it improves drainage. Interestingly, it is pH neutral. With regard to adjusting the application of Osmocote, the answer is, no, you do not need to change the recommended dosage. Marianne is on a well deserved vacation. This is Bob Stohler, sitting-in for her, and as she likes to say, keep growing! I am back from vacation and agree with all that Bob just told you! I love how easy Osmocote is to use and so will your house plants. Keep growing, indeed, Marianne Binetti