Marianne's Response

Leaf Mold Directions

Hi, I read your article in the Tacoma News Tribune a couple of weeks ago about how to make leaf mold in garbage sacks. I set the article aside, but my husband recycled it! Can you please send me the instructions for how to make leaf mold again? My brother just gave me his old black barrel compost maker. Would it be better to make it in that? Thanks!

Dawn Weber

Posted by Dawn Weber on October 30, 2018

Marianne's Response

First, good job that hubby knows to recycle newspapers. Second making leaf mold is easy and does not require a compost maker. Just fill large garbage bags with fallen leaves, add a shovel full of soil or compost to activate the decaying process and close the bags loosely. Next be sure to poke air holes all over the bags. Store outdoors or in a shed. In the spring the leaf mold will be a slimy, chunky mess that is great for layering on top of the soil around trees and shrubs to help conserve moisture and block out small spring weeds. You can also dig the leaf mold into raised beds or use it to improve any soil lacking in organic matter. Use the old barrel composter for breaking down uprooted annual plants, coffee grounds, kitchen debris and smaller fallen leaves to create a different type of compost that is less course and better for adding to container gardens or around newly planted annuals and perennials. Keep growing, Marianne Binetti