Marianne's Response

OscomocotePlus for vegetables?

I bought Plus because it has the NPK equaled what I have been using in my pond but is no longer available. Is there any reason why I can’t use the 15-9-12 that lasts 6 months on my vegetables also instead of the flower and vegetable that is 14-14-14 that lasts only 3 months?

I have an 8 lb bag and I’d love to use it on both if there is no chemical reason for me not to. I am not an organic grower if that matters.

Posted by Eva Schick on March 12, 2019

Marianne's Response

Osmocote Plus Outdoor & Indoor is formulated for annuals and container plants -- which is why it has micronutrients in addition to basic NPK. It is perfectly acceptable for vegetables and safe to use for all kinds of edibles. Osmocote Flower & Vegetables is built for perennials and veggies because its balanced formula (14-14-14) provides the nutrition needed for below the ground growth (roots) as well as for above ground activity. The Plus formula feeds up to 6 months whereas the F&V version feeds up to 4 months. When your veggies are fully grown and producing, why not post photos in the Photo Gallery under Members Corner? Bob Stohler for Marianne.