Marianne's Response

Which Osmocote for Crape Myrtles

Hi Marianne. I planted some seedling Crape Myrtles two years ago that are suppose to be good for cold climates—I am in Columbus, OH.

The plants are wrapped for the Winter and are about the thickness of a fat pencil. The grower recommends Osmocote, but I do not which one and how much I should fertilize.

Thank you.

Posted by Gary Kazanjian on March 8, 2019

Marianne's Response

Well congrats to taking on the adventure of growing trees from seedlings. Osmocote is a great plant food for young trees because it is slow release and contains all the micro and macro nutrients growing plants need. I would suggest the Indoor Outdoor Osmocote as it is a general purpose formula. As for how much, follow the instructions on the label using one tablespoon scoop per gallon sized container or per young tree. Apply in late spring as the weather is warming up. Keep growing, Marianne Binetti