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What Kind of Shade Do You Have?

By Jean Starr

Do you know what kind of shade you have? You could say it depends on the amount of sun you get. Even shade-loving plants like light, and some can even take direct sun for a short time. But very few will prosper in deep shade. Deep shade doesn’t mean under the ground-brushing branches of a spruce tree. If you can’t see it, it’s not deep shade, but lights’ out—at least for anything trying to grow there.

Deep Shade Plants

Plants that thrive in deep shade are located where you can see them—up against an evergreen backdrop or even beneath a weeping tree with deciduous foliage. They’re usually in locations facing any direction but south. If your garden has enough shade to close the door on daisies, sunflowers, lavender and roses, it still has sufficient light to grow lots of beautiful plants.

Here are a dozen denizens of the dark. The first six like bright shade and don’t mind a little direct sun. You could call the next batch the deep six, for their ability to get along in deep shade, but prefer good light.

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