What is the best time to apply Osmocote?

One of the nice features of Osmocote is that it can be applied just about any time. Early spring is always a good time to start the feeding process as long as the ground is not frozen.

It's best to work product into the top 1-3 inches of soil or mulch, but even when that's not possible, the melting of late snow and/or early spring rains will work the granules into the soil. As ambient temperatures begin to climb, so, too, will soil temperatures. The release of nutrients from the Osmocote granules will track the steady rise in soil temperatures thus ensuring that the right amount of nutrition is available when plants are able to use it.

The ideal soil temperature for plants is between 50ºF - 70ºF which coincides with the release of Osmocote nutrition. When feeding annuals, it's best to apply in-the-hole as plants are transferred from flats to pots or mother Earth. A second feeding may be appropriate four months later. Fall is also a good to time to feed perennials

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