Is there any difference between 'consumer' Osmocote and the Osmocote product used by professionals?

Osmocote for consumers and Osmocote for professional growers utilize the same technology. Both products use the same prills (granules) and the same unique resin coating. In fact, these products are manufactured in the same plant in Charleston, South Carolina.

While the consumer product is available in just three formulas, the professional product is produced in nearly 50 formulas because professionals require a broader range of NPK analyses depending upon the crop they are growing and local growing conditions.

Osmocote for consumers is available in four sizes, 1.25 lb. and 3 lb. bottles (O&I, F&V), 4.5 lb. shaker packages (F&V, Plus), and 10 lb. bags (O&I, F&V). Osmocote for professionals is packaged in 50 lb. sacks.

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