Trial Packets

Osmocote® Plant Food is pleased to support gardening club and Master Gardener events across the United States by providing complimentary trial packages to participants. Trial packs are intended for groups, not individuals.

Trial packs of Osmocote® Outdoor & Indoor Plant Food (seen to the right) contain our classic and most popular formula. Inside you'll find 1/2 ounce of Smart-Release® granules. Each granule is individually coated with a unique resin that controls the release of essential nutrients your plants need to thrive. This means that your plant will get what it needs, when it needs. The material in one trial pack will feed a 10"-12" potted plant for up to 4 full months without the risk of burning.

If you are hosting a gardening club or Master Gardener event and are interested in distributing complimentary trial packs of Osmocote® to participants, please provide the following information in an email to

  • Your Name
  • Name of Organization
  • Name of Event
  • Shipping Address
  • Date Trial Packs Are Needed
  • Quantity Requested (Minimum of 30)

Osmocote® trial packs have been a tradition at successful garden club and Master Gardner events for several years. Some of the 2012 recipients of complimentary trial packs include:

Master Gardeners

  • Loudoun County Master Gardeners
  • Tri-County Master Gardeners Association
  • Warren County Master Gardeners
  • Summit County Master Gardeners
  • President Crawford County Master Gardeners
  • Pinal County Master Gardeners
  • Florence County Master Gardeners
  • Van Buren County Master Gardeners
  • Grant County Master Gardeners Association
  • Master Gardener Lancaster
  • Multi-County Master Gardeners
  • Glacial Gardeners Master Gardener Volunteer Association
  • Florida Annual Master Garden

Community Gardening Clubs

  • San Diego Sunshine Gardeners
  • Yankee District Convention
  • Federated Garden Clubs of
  • Huntsville & Madison County
  • Taylor Garden Club
  • The Minnesota Rose Society
  • Michigan Garden Clubs
  • Eastern North Carolina Rose Society
  • Cottonwood Garden Club
  • Richland County 4-H Committee
  • Greendell Mulch & Mix
  • Central Savannah River Area Hydrangea Society
  • Piedmont/Blue Ridge Horticulture Society
  • Haddam Neck Ladies Aide Gardeners
  • Aiken Adult Horticulture Class
  • National Garden Clubs
  • Phillipsburg Area Garden Club
  • Pine Bush House Garden Club