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The willow family has salicylic acid that makes other plants grow roots. Soak pussy willow cuttings for several days and use the water on other plant cuttings.

Most Recent Questions

mdonovan’s Question

Hi! I'm new to starting my own annual flowers as seeds indoors. Should I place a couple of granules of Osmocote in with the seeds or not use it until they are seedlings? Thanks!

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SharonH’s Question

Hello, We have a quick question...Could you please tell us where the daffodil fields are located in the Puyallup area? We'd like to see the fields, while the flowers are still in bloom. Thanks for your help! Faithful Readers in Olympia

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MemeSharon’s Question

Well, the joke is on ME. What I was told are Pinks are NOT, according to your response. So the "pinks" I have are like a groundcover with spikey leaves and pink balls of tiny flower balls that poke up out of them. I guess I need to know what they really ARE now! sheesh - red face.

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Marianne's Favorite Questions

Thanks, PlantersPlace!

I don't have a question, just wanted to say how much I enjoy the info from Planters Place. Thank you. Linda Benci

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Adding soil to existing flower pots

New to gardening. Is it okay to add soil to the top of an existing flower pot, or do I need to mix slightly? Flowers are growing, but dirt is low and hard.

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Planting herbs together

Can you plant different herbs together?

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White, transparent bugs on plants

Hello Marianne, I have become a better gardener these past couple months but I am having an issue with some kind of bugs. I have a couple of indoor plants and they have these tiny white/transparent bugs on it. I need your help to figure out whether it is dangerous to my plant or not. Thank you, David.

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What’s eating my petunias?

I have successfully grown annuals in pots on my sunny patio in the past. This year something appears to be eating many of my flowers - the petals not the leaves - especially my petunias! It seems to be happening overnight. I use Sluggo in the pots to control slugs and snails. Do you have any ideas what this is and how to stop it? Thank you!

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The best time to transplant flowers

When is the best time to transplant flowers?

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