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karenk’s Question

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karenk : 03/18/2017

Do you have a newsletter, etc. that will tell me when your future talks are going to be & where? I'd love to hear your "Tips for a Last gardener" but don't know if I'll make Sunday in Bremerton. I just discovered I have 2 of your books on my bookshelf! Also, do you have any idea how to kill a small patch of grass/crabgrass in my front lawn? Just retired--now's the time to get some landscaping-DIY-mostly started! I'm envisioning container gardening-(already have your book)had a shoulder joint replaced last summer, so need easy on the shoulder stuff. I just discovered pictures of Hosta's in large pots. I love Hosta's & there are so many varieties I've notice! Thanks to both questions!!


Marianne's Response…

Well thank you for your interest - my website at is the best place to find out about future talks, trips and garden seminars. I also write a weekly column for over a dozen newspapers in Western Washington and you can follow it online at TacomaNewsTribune or The Daily Olympian. For more indepth information I write gardening articles for this website that you are reading now - Now for that pesky crabgrass. A small patch is best handled by digging it up roots and all and then reseeding after adding topsoil to the old hole where you removed the crabgrass. If this will take too long for you then remove a peice of sod in a corner of your lawn and use it to place into the vacant area. Like inserting a missing puzzle piece into a puzzle. Then you can reseed the less obvious corner section of the grass where you borrowed the sod plug. Now enjoy growing hosta and heuchera and hellebores in large pots, experiment with new plants and Keep Growing, Marianne Binetti

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