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    Why Aren’t My Tomatoes Setting Fruit?

    Amy Grisak explains why some tomatoes don't set fruit, and what to do about it.

    Running time 4:43

    Views: 2438

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    How To Eliminate Yellow Jackets

    Amy Grisak shares tips for keeping yellow jackets out of your plants.

    Running time 5:00

    Views: 2109

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    Battling Weeds: Rhizomatous

    Amy Grisak shares how to kill perennial weeds, once and for all.

    Running time 6:48

    Views: 1919

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    Starting Seeds

    Start growing plants before the gardening season even begins. Tips on starting seeds, from Amy Grisak.

    Running time 10:37

    Views: 1908

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    Murder In The Rose Garden

    While on vacation, Marci Martin came home to find there had been murder in her rose garden.

    Running time 6:45

    Views: 1843

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    Keeping The Deer Out

    Helpful tips from Amy Grisak on how to keep the deer out of your garden.

    Running time 5:57

    Views: 1842

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White dogwoods are often the wild or native dogwoods and need to be more mature to flower - sometimes as old as 15 years.
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You discussed raspberries today in the TNT article which prompted my two questions: 1. When the raspberries start to die back because they are done producing, do you water less or continue water the same amount. A follow-on question - do raspberries like a lot of water or will they tolerate some dry soil. 2. One of our rows of raspberries, is a very old variety we have been told - as it was grown by the original owners of our property in the 1940s. We believe it is called a Cuthbert. Do you know of any garden locally in the Puget Sound region that has this variety? Thank you.
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