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Marianne’s Responses

How do i fertilize an in-ground apple tree?

Posted by Roberttt Gutierrez | February 14, 2019

I have osmocote plus, and was hoping to get advice on using it to fertilize an in-ground apple tree. Can you recommend a number of scoops per inch of trunk? Should i mix is with aged compost first? thanks


Giant Asiatic Spider Lily

Posted by wstrkmp | February 11, 2019

You have been my go-to person for all my gardening questions in Federal Way, Wa, and now I am hoping you can help me with this problem in my garden in my winter home in Maricopa, Arizona, about 20 miles south of Phoenix. I planted this lily about 4 years ago, and it has flourished, until I returned about 3 ...


Does Coconut Fiber Provide Nutrition?

Posted by Tammy Moreno | February 11, 2019

When using coconut fiber in a houseplant soil mix, does the amount of Osmocote need to be adjusted? I'm not yet sure how much coconut fiber to use or what to mix it with. I have a Zz plant, Peperomia, Fiddleleaf Fig, and Chinese Evergreen that all need to be repotted. How would I adjust both the mix and the ...


Donation request

Posted by Patricia Hines | February 1, 2019

I am representing the Master Gardeners of Lancaster County who are having our 27th annual symposium on April 13th. In the past Bloomington Brands as generously donated samples to our group. We anticipate having up to 225 individuals. The audience is interested in vegetables, house plants, annuals, perennials, fruits, etc. Any of samples would be much appreciated. Thank you for ...


Error for uploading a picture

Posted by CHIEKO HIRONAGA | January 28, 2019

Hello Marianne, I see the message, "There was an error while uploading the file. Error code: 7". How can I fix it?? I do see the picture uploaded under My Garden though.


Trimming tops of Thuja occidentalis

Posted by Debbie Owens | January 28, 2019

Our Thuja Occidentalis “Smaragd” are a year old now. When and how do you recommended trimming the tops? I heard it keeps them full and not separate at the top? Thanks a bunch!


What is the name of this plant?

Posted by CHIEKO HIRONAGA | January 22, 2019

Hello Marianne, My husband bought this plant (attached) in a gift shop and I would like to know the name. Thank you.


Droopy Verbena

Posted by Brigitte Button | January 21, 2019

I had my yard landscaped a couple years ago. I have about 6 Verbena and carpet roses and they have always looked very droopy. They get plenty of water and are not ridden with pests. any ideas? Should I prune them down to the ground in the spring? Thank you.


Warren County Iowa Master Gardeners

Posted by Carol Tripp | January 20, 2019

Our educational event Think Spring is fast approaching - February 23. We have 4 great speakers lined up, several vendors, a catered lunch, all held at Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa. Last year, Bob Stohler asked that I go through your "ask a question" site to request 100-110 trial sample packets to provide our attendees. Would Osmocote be willing to ...


Too late for planting bulbs?

Posted by needshelp | November 29, 2018

A few weeks ago I planted the iris bulbs I had ordered on-line. Now I have received the daffodils I also ordered (on a different site) but I wonder if it is too late to plant. They may be too fragil, since they are not the common varieties. If they are put in big pots would they be OK when ...


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