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Marianne’s Responses

Planter box issues

Posted by Eddie Eads | June 18, 2019

I have 3, 5' sq. x 3' high planter boxes on my deck. I have tried several shrubs including Alberta Spruce and Japanese Maple. Can you recommend an ornamental that will grow in these containers at 6500 ft. Elevation?


Pumpkin vine color

Posted by Kolby Schultz | June 18, 2019

Hey Ms.Marianne I have been trying to grow pumpkins this year and noticed and weird color on two of the vines I was wondering if you could tell me if it was normal or not. Thanks Kolby Schultz


Mystery plant

Posted by Jan Reid | June 15, 2019

This popped up next to my herb boxes. Any idea what it is? Thanks!!


clematis trouble

Posted by Kathy Strain | June 15, 2019

Hi! I have been growing a Vancouver Fragrant Star clematis for about 5 years now. Last year it looked beautiful. Last fall it appeared to be dying. I thought maybe just going dormant? This spring, no life, so I cut it down to a 4" stub. Well, a new shoot appeared and I was happy! But, it just keeled over ...


Desert Rose

Posted by Kathleen Lucas | June 15, 2019

I have 2 Desert Rose Plants that have no leaves, yet the plant seems to be still alive, as the steams are still green and firm. What is wrong and is there anything I can do to save them, they have been this way for months.


Purchase product

Posted by Veronica Walker | June 15, 2019

Where can I purchase Osmocote Roses, Gardenias, Azaleas, & Camellia plant food in my area? Is Osmocote flower & vegetable plant food safe to use on gardenias & camellias?


Christia Obcordata

Posted by Evan Carr | June 15, 2019

Will Christia grow outdoors here in south Texas? We’ve recently been classified as zone 9. We do get an occasional freeze. Will Christia come back if it does freeze? Thanks!


How to train Jasmin Sambac on a wall fence?

Posted by Canan Pembe | June 15, 2019

In our garden, we have planted 10 jasmin sambac plants near the wall which is 120 cm height. We would like to have the wall covered by the jasmin plants in time. Currently, some of the branches of the jasmin plants are connected with a string to the wall as seen in the picture. Is this enough? Or is a ...


Grape wine disease- continued

Posted by Georgina Fekete | June 15, 2019

Thank for your previous response. Let’s hope that this year I will have more luck. We pruned the wines back already. I will try the mulch option as well. You also suggested some copper based fungicide spraying. Where could I get such chemical? Does Osmocote carry it? Or any source of this copper based chemical I can get it? Thank ...


Problem with my asters

Posted by Maria Cecilia Salisbury | June 15, 2019

Thanks for taking my question! I bought two planters with asters, medium tending to small. I came home and put the two of them in a large planter. The first days they were gorgeous. Now, for over two weeks, the stems and leaves are healthy, there are buds all over, but before they open the dry and turn brown.


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