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Dona Bergman hosts the Perennials Forever blog. She is a founding member, Southwest Indiana Chapter of the Indiana Native Plant & Wildlife Society, and an Advanced Master Gardener.

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In Love with Hydrangeas

I counted the other day…we have nine hydrangeas in our gardens – and I guarantee you, there will be more. ...

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Spring Weather Can Come Earlier than Expected
The Calendar Can Lie

I don’t care what the calendar says…I’m convinced its spring!  Why do I think its...


Spring's First Greens and Blooms
Spring’s First Greens and Blooms

The other day, Wonderful Husband and I were talking about how early spring is a...


Spoiled Mutt Strikes Again

As have many empty-nesters, once my kids moved out, I got a pet: Spoiled Mutt,...


Wonderful Husband Does Something Right

For my birthday this year, Wonderful Husband did something wonderful. Of course, he always does...


Big Plans for 2019 (Garden and Lawn Projects)
Big Plans for 2019 (Garden and Lawn Projects)

I was very disciplined this last Spring, buying just a few plants. Now, this wasn’t...


Zinnia Plants: Growing from Seed
Zinnia Plants: Growing from Seed

This last spring, we tried to start some zinnia seeds indoors. Now, I’m painfully aware...


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