Wildlife Gardening Journal with Leslie Miller

Leslie Ann Miller share 3.5 acres in rural Oklahoma with birds, butterflies and wide variety of animals. She is currently transforming her yard with plantings to benefit wildlife.

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Fallen branches? Check for twig girdlers.

I found a new beetle in my yard this month: a twig girdler. My county extension agent, Keith, sent out...

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Spiders, spiders, everywhere

In my yard this week, it seemed like there were spiders, spiders everywhere I looked....


Cowpen Daisies, a fall butterfly and bee favorite

You won’t find them for sale at garden stores or nurseries, but Cowpen Daisies, Verbesina...


Ruby throated hummingbirds by Leslie Miller
Three critters in the yard today

Sometimes having a lack of energy (due to SLE) works in my favor. It forces...


ruby-throated hummingbird
Ruby-throated hummingbirds

The most common hummingbirds in the eastern half of the United States are ruby-throated hummingbirds....


Snakes in the garden are usually your friend

It always makes me sad when a photo of a dead snake comes across my...


Energy-saving tips for gardening with a disability

I’m going to stray this week from gardening for wildlife to another topic that is...


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