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Whether working with bulbs for a jump on spring or planting perennials for long-term color, this is the place for gardening tips, how-to videos, podcasts, blogs and feature articles devoted to flowers and flowering plants.

Flower Gardening Blogs at PlantersPlace

Rosebuds and Yellow Jackets in the Garden

All of a sudden, summer is finished. We always take our vacation in September which stretches out the summer season for us. I have always...

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Spiderwort and Its Many Uses in the Garden

Volunteers are, sometimes at least, a pleasant surprise.  Maybe the annuals planted last year re-seeded themselves?  Maybe a bird dropped a seed and it sprouted?...

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Flower Gardening Videos


Search the flower gardening section of the Video Gallery for how-to instructions on planting, dividing and harvesting annuals, bulbs, roses, flowering shrubs.. all your favorites.

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Gardening Guides

Basic Plant Nutrition

Understand plant nutrition:
Learn how to recognize nutritional deficiancy and excess symptoms and how to correct them.

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