Big Plans for 2019

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I was very disciplined this last Spring, buying just a few plants. Now, this wasn’t because I didn’t WANT to buy plants – that never happens! It’s just that I know we’ve got some rather large, more expensive than usual garden projects coming up (and besides, I really didn’t have room for any more plants).

Our front yard – it’s not a lawn, in any classic suburban sense – slopes dramatically to the southwest. This has caused erosion along the western side of the property, creating a small, but growing larger gully. We’ve debated how best to stop the erosion at the least cost and /or effort on our part. This next spring, we’re going to tackle the gully by digging it out and installing a flexible plastic drain pipe which has holes every few inches to let the water in. We’ll install the drain pipe, back fill the gully with gravel, then top the gravel with soil. Wonderful Husband thinks he can grow grass there, but I’ve got my doubts – it’s way too shady.

The sloping yard and lack of grass has created another large project: terracing a section of our front yard by installing two to three tiers of landscape block, then backfilling the uphill side with good soil to create a more level area. The terracing will curve in front of the large tree on the left side of the photo. The rain water should slow down, spread out and soak in. In theory.

I’m a bit more excited about this project, because it will create a nice, level and sunny spot on the west side of our sidewalk. With good soil. And close to water. Maybe, just maybe, I can finally have a garden bed which actually receives six full hours of sun! Be still, my beating heart!

It’s not that I don’t love hostas, astilbes and ferns, I do! But to grow and enjoy bright colored blooms and a variety of sun-loving plants? I’ll transplant my irises and coneflowers to the new bed – they’ll be so happy! I might even install a small water feature – WOW! The possibilities are endless!  With any luck, it will be worth all the hard work and sore backs!

Stay Green, Good Friends!

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