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How to Encourage Worms in Your Garden

Earthworms mean healthy soil. Increase your garden’s earthworm population and soil nutrition levels with these...

Plays: 1141

Running Time: 4:59

Meet Amy Grisak
Dealing with Deer and Weeds – Part 1

Every year brings new challenges in gardening. Amy Grisak details how to keep deer and...

Plays: 818

Running Time: 7:34

Meet Amy Grisak
Straw Bale Gardening

Interested in exploring a new vegetable garden technique? Straw bales can help solve gardening space...

Plays: 875

Running Time: 4:30

Meet Ellen Wells
Spring Garden Dos and Dont’s

Don’t plan one year based on the previous year. Do listen to this podcast to...

Plays: 1170

Running Time: 4:55

Meet Ellen Wells
All-American Selections

Behind the scenes and well before a plant arrives at your local garden center, thousands...

Plays: 870

Running Time: 4:19

Meet Ellen Wells
AeroGarden Sprout LED

AeroGarden is a line of hydroponic growing systems that allow you to grow herbs, greens...

Plays: 893

Running Time: 4:42

Meet Ellen Wells

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