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Planting seed potatoes with Osmocote

My first time planting seed potatoes. Can Osmocote granules for flowers and vegetables be used and if so how and when. I am planting them in the ground and not in containers — Nordland reds and Yukon golds.

Posted by gracesgarden on May 8, 2016

Marianne's Response

Welocome to the flavor of home grown spuds - potatoes are easy to grow and you can use Osmocote to increase your crop by mixing the granules into the soil at planting time. Just dig a hole, drop in the seed potatoes, cover with soil and them sprinkle the Osmocote on top of the soil as instructed on the package. Rake or lightly work this into the soil at planting time and the Osmocote will provide fertilizer slowly over the next few months releasing only a much as the growing plants need. Keep growing, Marianne Binetti