Marianne's Response

Green Worms Eating My Yellow Mollis Azellia

These worms are stripping the leaves on my plant. I have been spraying the leaves with neam oil and the worms fall to the ground but I think some of them crawl back up the stems to attack again. Any solutions?


Posted by Jean Holmes on May 14, 2019

Marianne's Response

The good news is that the worm or larval stage of this insect does not last all summer.  I am not sure what insect it is exactly  unless I see a photo. You can add a fresh mulch of wood chips on top of the soil after you spray. This will help to bury the worms that have fallen from the plant so they cannot climb back up. Another tip is to squish many of the worms with your pinching fingers.   This leaves injured worms on the plant that can attract predator insects and birds to feed on the worms. Next look overhead. Sometimes a birch tree or other taller plant is a host for the larvae and removing some branches can help protect your azalea in the future. Most shrubs can out grow an infestation like this so don't panic but keep after the little critters. Keep growing, Marianne Binetti