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Trouble blooming roses in greenhouse

I have 8 roses on the south side of my greenhouse. Last year after fertilizing and pruning there was no growth or blooms.
This year it looks like the same problem. I fertilized with rose fertilizer, blood meal and kelp meal but no growth.
Could it be a soil problem? The roses bloomed in prior years, but not real well.
Thank you

Dick Parrett

Posted by tess10 on May 9, 2016

Marianne's Response

This does sound like a problem. Roses should be putting on a foot or more of new growth after pruning. You mentioned they were on the hot or South side of the greenhouse. Perhaps lack of water on hot days contributes to the problem. Is the greenhouse new? Did you damage roots putting in a cement foundation? If the roses have never bloomed well even in prior years that tells me poor soil, lack of water or even a viral infection may be adding to the poor performance. Sometimes the best thing to do is give up, uproot the roses and plant sedums, succulents, salvia or rudbeckia daisies - all plants that would survive heat and poor soil. Keep growing, Marianne Binetti