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Annuals That Can Take Hot Weather

By Jean Starr

Cyperus papyrus:

Commonly referred to as papyrus in its native Africa, this feathery beauty actually is a sedge that can grow up to 15 feet tall. Hybridizers have introduced it to American gardeners in a variety of sizes. Cyperus is considered an aquatic plant that doesn’t mind its roots in the water as long as its crown (the base of the plant at soil level) is not submerged. The beauty is that it will do just fine in a container with non-aquatic plants.

Light: full to part sun

Size(s): ‘King Tut’ is a 6-footer, while ‘Prince Tut’ grows to 4 feet and ‘Baby Tut’ ranges between 2 and 3-feet tall.

Uses: in the ground, or in a large container.

Soil type: A rich soil is best. Cyperus are not heavy feeders.

Special information: For more information about the ‘Tut’ family, visit Proven Winners.

Cyperus – ‘Prince Tut’ (Photo by Jean Starr)

Euphorbia ‘Yokoi’s White’:

A variegated version of Euphorbia — AKA Texas poinsettia — this cultivar was named for its patent-holder after he discovered it as a sport among a group of solid green plants. It is grown for its outstanding cream and green leaves and will develop a coral color at its tips in late summer.

Light: full to part sun

Size: (height by spread) 2 feet -3 feet x 3 feet – 4 feet

Uses: Grown for its attractive leaves, it can be grown as a houseplant or outdoors in warm weather in the ground, or in a large container.

Soil type: average drainage and fertility.

Special information: All Euphorbias contain a caustic white sap that seeps from the slightest wound. The sap is toxic, so wear gloves to avoid contact when pruning or taking cuttings. The milky substance evolved as a deterrent to herbivores.

Euphorbia – ‘Yokoi’s White’ (Photo by Jean Starr)

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