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Gardening for a Healthy Future

Looking to live healthier this summer? Here are 50 foods in your own garden that can help you and the planet.

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The Wind Scorpion

Wind Scorpions are relatively harmless but can inflict a nasty bite when handled. Find out more about this creature in this podcast by Amy Grisak.


Dealing with Deer – Part 2

Hungry deer can create major challenges for gardeners. Try these remedies to repel deer and other animals away from your garden.

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Springtime Fly Control

Having problems with flies in your garden and home? Use these techniques and start early to minimize fly populations in the spring time.

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Prevent Box Elder Bug Invasion

The box elder bug is a common nuisance during the fall time. Find ways to prevent their invasion through these easy methods.

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How to Encourage Worms in Your Garden

Earthworms mean healthy soil. Increase your garden's earthworm population and soil nutrition levels with these techniques.

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